Oh for the Garden of Eden…again!!!

Most of us have watched Jurassic Park or a film like that , portrayed through someone’s imagination and where we are whisked into a far away , hundreds of years ago land where animals like the dinosaur  still roam around and so on. You catch my drift.

By the way, I have been reading up about writing and publishing and I am learning the right way and the wrong way of writing. I am not sure I should really be saying ‘you catch my drift’. I will say it this time, so you can know that I am not a robot but a real human. I am sure you catch my drift this time.

Anyway who made the rules? Rules are sometimes made to be broken. Ooops did Ijust say that?  Be careful which rules you break. If for instance, you break a traffic rule, it may be the difference between life and death. Having said that many successful people broke rules. Not all rules were made for the right reasons. Many times rules are made in order to manipulate people, animals and things.

Come with me on a journey exploring the Garden of Eden and a glimpse into how life must have been back then. (You know you don’t really believe the big bang theory, it is just a good comedy).Almighty had put everything a human being  would need there even before man was created. Imagine that most people have bought all their baby needs before they bring the baby home.The place was beautiful, with the natural order . I am not sure natural order here means everything was peaceful and serene all the time. After all  the natural order is that some animals eat some other animals in order to survive.

The place was beautiful, with things in order..the natural order. I am not sure natural order here means everything was peaceful and serene all the time. After all , the natural order is that some animals eat some other animals in order to survive.

Almighty had said to Adam, that he should eat all the different herbs and fruits created and have dominion over everything else. He did not actually say Adam could eat meat but I guess you can interpret ‘have dominion over’ anyway you want. ( are we all supposed to be vegetarian? I guess Almighty has always been great on free will). Whatever we say Adam and Eve were healthy not only because they ate all natural stuff (probably raw) as prescribed by Almighty but because they exercised, did not stress about anything and slept well. There were no distractions. They were content with what they had.

You can contrast this with the lives of many people, where they don’t eat the right things, are distracted, stressed out and therefore unhealthy.

Adam had to work because Almighty set him to work tending the Garden. (He did not just laze around sunbathing as many like to think he did.) I am guessing  Adam was in maintenance. Ensuring things functioned as they were meant to. He must have also done some harvesting and re-planting, in fact, I am sure he did all manner of things that were never even included in his original job description. All this he did without murmuring or complaining.

This again is not a wonder he was healthy. He lived a complaint, blame-free life. All those things including gossip don’t promote anyone at work.It all just brings stress.

He must never have been bored. Adam would have had to be dynamic to do so many different things.  (Please note I said dynamic, not multi-tasking. The psychologists now know that no one can multitask successfully. You can’t do two things at exactly the same time and do them well.One thing will always be better done than the other or they will both be badly done).In all of this, he did not have to fuss over his wages or the quantity of the harvest and how much he was going to get for it.There must have been so much to do that God created Eve not just to keep Adam company but also to help him in his many endeavors.

Also in all of this, he did not have to fuss over his wages or the quantity of the harvest and how much he was going to get for it.There must have been so much to do that God created Eve not just to keep Adam company but also to help him in his many endeavors.

Eve in the garden helped everywhere and anywhere she was called upon to, which is why she had to be submissive. She needed to show up when and where needed not just anywhere and anytime she felt she wanted to. Adam was serious and dynamic so he would not have been giving silly assignments just because he could or making petty complaints. He would not have had time for such tomfoolery.

Adam must have done the heavy lifting, after all, he had been in the garden longer and he was naturally built stronger. However, he was also smart enough to recognise Eve’s skills and temperament. He was a great manager and would not have wanted down time over petty squabbles and such like.

Adam, recognised Eve’s usefulness and importance, because, without her , he would not have been able to achieve much. They, however, would not have had too many arguments about money, because Eve had as much access to stuff as Adam. If for any reason Adam was being a stumbling block, she went straight to Almighty.

Almighty  chatted to the couple often and knew immediately anything was up with them. I guess that happens everywhere not only in the Garden of Eden. Even after they had done the wrong thing, He was not upset with them, they just had to suffer the consequence of their actions.

Even though this is not the topic for today, yes every action has an equal and opposite reaction. You can’t do just everything and anything you want without also getting the consequence, good or bad. We like good consequences but get upset and blame somebody , anybody when the consequence is bad even though in many instances we were warned.

The lions and other animals did what Adam and Eve told them to do. That must have been really cool. The mosquito was in the Garden, and I wonder how that was? I guess Adam and Eve still exercised dominion and made it sit in the corner a few times for being naughty. They definitely did not kill it or mosquitoes would not be here now.

They did not wear anything, how liberating that they did not have to stand in front of a wardrobe full of all sorts of clothes in all styles, shapes and sizes and still not find something they think is nice or appropriate.

Even though Almighty had put gold in the Garden and had probably discussed with Adam and Eve, (sorry I keep saying their names because I don’t want to say Adam and his wife or Eve and her husband, just a pet peeve of mine) good it was I imagine that their chairs in some of their hangouts were gold. They did not stress themselves to knock it into earrings etc. They may have used gold as mirrors but then again, what would they have needed a mirror for. Eve may have needed to use a mirror to put flowers in her hair but I can’t think of what else for.

I am sure there are some people who would rather die than go out without having looked in a mirror. Those people may not be too excited at the prospect of living in Eden. I don’t think you need worry about that. I believe if you have the opportunity to live in Eden, it will be so beautiful you will forget your own beauty (or presumed lack of it).

This is just a tip of the iceberg (talking of ice, they would not have needed any because everything was so cool. The temperature of everything was just right. Everything was just right. No little Korombey starving in any corner of the Garden needing you to send money to dig a well).The beauty and the awesomeness of the Garden cannot be described in a blog. Even having a baby there would have been at a sneeze because labour during childbirth is a consequence of the actions of Adam and Eve.

Okay, this is all very interesting, what has it got to do with anything let alone catapult?After all the Garden of Eden is done. Well, what if I told you that you can live as though you were in the Garden even right now in the midst of this ….. world?

If you have been reading these posts , you will remember I talked about PP in one of them. Again PP is the acronym for Prince of Peace. He is Almighty’s son and he was hung on a cross till He died as an atonement for the actions of Adam and Eve that got them expelled from the Garden. His action of allowing people to hang Him on a cross to die has the consequence of atonement for those who believe this in their hearts and say this belief with their mouths. This act of believing and confessing brings us back to the life in the Garden.

Three days after He died on the cross, PP came alive again and this was possible because He is Almighty’s son and is more powerful than death.This story seems to be the ultimate fantasy novelette but the difference is that it is true.

PP’s death and resurrection results in  peace, joy, abundance, divine health and so much more for those of us who believe. However the snake in the Garden is in the world and even as he played mind games on Eve, he is still around playing mind games. He can make you who believe, think that despite and in spite of, things are going wrong. This can make you despondent.

I want us to remember that even though Adam and Eve had a nice life in the Garden, they still had to work, got cuts and bruises from the work, had to settle any inter -couple disputes with God’s help and so much more.

The fact that you believe and are going through stuff, may just be a mind game. Don’t be taken in. Talk your situation through with Almighty. Remember that in the Garden, Adam and Eve talked many things through with Him. You don’t need anybody to help you talk to him. You can even find out from the Manual what you need to do to get out of the funk. He is the Manual and the Manual is Him.

Many times, not all the time, the problem is that we are so busy discussing our issues with all who have an ear and five minutes to listen instead of taking it to the Almighty or searching out what the Manual says about it.

I am always referring you to the Manual because Almighty who made us sent us to this earth with a manual so we can function properly and be of the best use. He speaks to us through the Manual, which is why I said He is the Manual. When we read a Toyota car manual we know it is Toyota speaking to us. Without a manual where do we know to put the spark plugs ?

If you have never said with your mouth that you believe the PP story of dying on the cross and coming back to life so we could be back in Eden, just say it and ask PP into your heart and watch Eden unfold.

What this has to do with Catapult is that nothing can catapult you further into your destiny than you having a great life in Eden. There are many principles and rules to live by but this is a great one to start with.

October starts in a couple of days. Don’t get anxious if you don’t think you have achieved much because trust me you have. Someone is playing a mind game on you, don’t be taken in. If you think you have done somethings don’t be fooled into settling for mediocrity, even the sky is not the limit.






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