Calling Down Fire

There was the story of a man (Elijah) many years ago who worshipped Almighty and was so sure of Him that he decided to have a competition with the people at the time who worshipped a god called Baal. He designed the competition and came up with the rules. The competition was for both sides to kill a huge bull, lay it out and call on their gods to send down fire to it.

There were not many rules. So for example , there were no  time constraints, nor limited tactics as to getting the god to deliver. However, no match stick was to be lit and no hot coals were to be set.

Before I conclude on the story, I ask myself and I guess,  you also for what gave him the confidence to throw this kind of challenge. I guess one very easy thing we can conclude must be that he has seen Almighty do this sort of thing before. He had not only seen this once before but had seen it so often that he had become confident of Almighty and was completely convinced of His dependability.

What are your own convictions? There are many confused people out there who are convinced by things that are not lasting. Some people grew up in wealthy homes for example and rely on that wealth always being there.If something happens that takes the wealth away, they cannot function for the rest of their lives. They end up with trust issues among many other issues and don’t even have any convictions. I am sure you know the saying that if you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.

There are those who have achieved something  at some point in their lives and have not bothered to try to do anything more since. Anytime you meet them they only have that one achievement to talk about. Their identity is permanently linked to the achievement and it has not occurred to them to build on it. I once knew a man who in his fifties had run a huge multi-national organisation. Till he died in his eighties, he had a business card that said he was once the Managing Director of that organisation. This is very sad.

There are those who rely on their intellectual powers as they are highly intelligent . It is one thing to be intelligent and another to do something meaningful or worthwhile with it.

This reminds me of another story about a rich man who gave his three servants money to invest as he went on a sabbatical. Two of them invested the money and on his return could give the rich man not just the initial amount but interest. They were promoted. The third servant did not invest the money but had buried it and returned the same amount to the rich man on his return, without any  interest. The rich man was mad at this servant who had wasted all the resources given to him and had nothing to show for it. He fired him, after calling him ‘a play-it-safe, won’t go out on a limb fellow’

The third servant did not invest the money but had buried it and returned the same amount to the rich man on his return, without any  interest. The rich man was mad at this servant who had wasted all the resources given to him and had nothing to show for it. He fired him, after calling him ‘a play-it-safe, won’t go out on a limb fellow’

Those who have super intellectual powers and don’t use it for anything or use it just for wheeling and dealing are truly a waste of space and time. I wish somebody who knows them would tell them so. The great thing about this, though, is that it is never too late to do something worthwhile. Where there is life, there is hope. If you are one of these,  tomorrow morning is a new day and you can do wonders as long as you make that decision today to do it.

These set of people are not the only ones who need to get off their behinds.I know, I know,  I am beginning to sound like a broken record, always telling you to reach for the stars and you can do all things through PP who strengthens you etc. Well, it is because since I first said it, you have remained on your behind. When you get off your behind, I will stop saying it.

You have so many good excuses but really, they are nothing but excuses. Do me proud and get up and do something. This is not in the script. There was a time I was at home for almost six years looking after the children, ( I have quite a number of them). I did not have much money, did not know what to do to get some and nobody encouraged me, assuring me that what I was doing was a good thing, staying at home to look after the children, making sure they don’t turn out strange. some people actually made me feel bad as though I was wasting my life. If you are at home looking after the children be sure to do it the best you can. you are not one of those I am referring to as sitting on their behinds doing nothing. You are doing an amazing job.

Some people actually made me feel bad as though I was wasting my life. If you are at home looking after the children be sure to do it the best you can. You are not one of those I am referring to as sitting on their behinds doing nothing. You are doing an amazing job. When you are done with looking after the children don’t be afraid of going back into the workforce, your skills are invaluable.

At the time, I came up with the idea of making some kind of nibbles,just to make ends meet. I did make them, made very little money but gave it up because (looking back now), I had nobody to encourage me and tell me, that I could do it and I should shut up with all the excuses. Nobody to kick me up the backside regarding my prospects. Nobody to help me. There are many people who have since made pots of money from the same nibbles I was making at the time but gave up.

Please don’t get me wrong, it is not the fault of other people who did not encourage me. I just wish somebody had and not let up till I moved.

So excuse me as I continue to disturb you till you do something meaningful. Oh, you have tried and failed, I hear you say. For your information, failure trains you for success. Anyway, I digress.

Elijah was parked behind the right boss. He was convinced what Almighty said was what He meant, meant what he said and that He would stand by it. In other words, Almighty has integrity. Who is your boss? Does she know what she is talking about, is she a person of integrity or is she double minded in all her ways?

This may be the time to re-evaluate who you are following and indeed who is following you. If you are leading, are you a person of integrity or are you just bent on keeping all you lead under, so they think you are god and a very poor example of god. If you are a good leader, who is following? Did you choose them because you are intellectually or many other ways their superior? If that is the case , you will not do exploits because you are only as strong as your weakest link.

The person you are following? Is this person going to lead you to the promised land? The year is coming to an end. This is always a good time to evaluate. If you cannot get out from behind the person, you should see how you can help the person to be a great boss, not just someone who is going nowhere slowly. Remember , you are going to the same place also. It is in your best interest to find a way to get you both somewhere faster (if you catch my drift).

Dare to be different. Don’t just follow blindly. There is another story of four young men who were captured by a king who recognised they were special and took them back to his palace where he put them in the care of one of the palace servants. They young men and some other young intelligent men that the King had also been captured.

The palace servants were supposed to feed them and take care of all their needs. These four young men looked at the spread of food and knew it was not good for them even though everybody else was eating as though there was no tomorrow, some doing it because they enjoyed it, others doing it because they were too afraid to go against the “boss” or go against what everybody was doing.

These young men refused to partake of the spread and convinced their ‘handler’ to let them eat what they knew was good for them even though it was not obvious to all. They ate vegetables and legumes instead of cupcakes and processed food. They did their part and it was soon clear to the world that their choice was the best choice.

Dare to be different not just for being different sake but because the world does not always have the answers (right or wrong ) even though they make the most noise.

Back to Elijah. To cut the long story short, Almighty came through for him as he was convinced would happen. The people worshipping Baal called and called, but there was no answer, let alone falling fire. However almost before Elijah called,  Almighty sent fire immediately.

That brings me back to the question ‘who are you following’ spiritually. Many people want a spiritual connection to a higher power and there are just as many people touting all kinds of gods and higher  powers, deceiving the unsuspecting into believing gods who cannot send down fire when asked. Please don’t just follow the people making the loudest noise about anything.

How dependable has what you have been worshipping proved over time. Almighty has never been aversed to proving Himself. Indeed he asks us to prove Him concerning the works of His hands. Elijah was proving Him when he asked Him to send down fire to burn the offering. And He did.

Prove Him and see whether or not He will not send down fire into the situation. Of course ,if you are just fooling around you will not get any results. Be serious and you will get a good result.

Till we meet next week.







I went to a spinning class this morning and when it got really intense I was hitting the required RPMs and I closed my eyes thinking I was going flat out.After a while when I opened my eyes I realised that I was hitting only half the required RPM speed.

This got me thinking about how important it is to keep your eyes on the scoreboard so you know exactly how well or how badly you are doing at all times. Many people in their careers, businesses, family life don’t even have a scoreboard let alone keep their eyes on it.

The definition of  a scorecard is a statistical record used to measure achievement or progress towards a particular goal. We all should have goals in every area of our lives. A goal is the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result. Say for example you want to get healthy, your first step is to find out what constitutes good health , then you set out an agenda that will help you achieve the results. This is called setting goals.

Why do you need to set goals? To have focus and goals do this. If you are not focused, everything will distract you. Goals allow you to measure your progress. When you know the route you should take and the results to expect at each point, each milestone by which you have the expected result or not (as the case may be) helps you measure your  progress.

Goals give you mental boundaries so that you keep to the script in order to achieve the goals. Setting goals helps you not to procrastinate. What is procrastination? Procrastination is putting off what you need to do now till  later or maybe never.

Finally, goals motivate you constantly, especially as and when you achieve a step and you are moving to the next step.

However, life is not only about your goals or your path in life. There are many things going on. this is why when you set goals they have to be S.M.A.R.T so that you can keep your eyes on what is going on.

Like my spinning class, if you take your eyes off the dashboard of what controls your goals like the timing and the achieved goals and what needs to be done, you may have slowed down or gone off track completely but you will be fooled by your huffing and puffing that is actually getting you nowhere fast.

Even when your eyes are wide open sometimes you have to be sure you are paying attention to the correct things at the correct time.

Some examples of what you should have a dashboard for, relationships, career,strengths weaknesses, spiritual life, health, nutrition, exercise, the list is endless.

Even when you have a dashboard it is important to know exactly what you need to monitor.A, for example, would be a man who has a family and spends his time making money to look after this family to the detriment of spending time with them. The said family don’t know him and quite frankly he does not know them either. When he is old and grey and expects loving care from the said family, he does not get it the way he thinks he deserves to get it.

Now this is tragic because he worked his behind off for them but the said family feel justified because they do as much for him as they  would do for any stranger they don’t have a real relationship with. He dies a bitter man who feels unloved and reacts to his family negatively which drives them further away and when he dies all are relieved and give him a ‘befitting’ funeral, thinking ‘that’s that about that’.

Also, it could be a high performing and high achieving mum who drives her children crazy by expecting too much from them. She is impossible to live with because of it’s all about high grades. She has the children doing every form of co -curricular activity, music, chess, sports, bible study classes, make-up and the list is endless. Her husband cannot get a word in edgeways because she is on top of it all. (I hope this is not me. I better ask the children if they enjoyed all those extra things they have learnt over the years. I wonder if it is not too late to make amends if I find I was driving them nuts. Oh dear!)

The children are pushed into areas of work they hate and end up with well-paying jobs but they are overweight because they are unhappy with work and want out , but don’t want to upset Mum who made such ‘sacrifices’ to ensure they attained great heights.

Another type is the young girl who has set a goal to be married by the time she is twenty-four years old and is now twenty-two years old , going out (that does not sound right) is now seeing (that sounds even worse), is now being courted(that is definitely not what it is ) anyway you know what I am talking about. She is with this boy who has absolutely no regard for her or her family but has mentioned once or twice that he will marry her because quite frankly she is a great catch (but she does not know this). She ends up marrying him and then, surprise, surprise, he morphs into a monster.

There is the business owner who continues to take on all kinds of customers, with his eyes on the amount of business he is doing and not on the actual amount of actual profit he is making. The truth is you can’t buy a product $1 and sell hundreds of it at half the price and expect to make a profit.

There is also the young , beautiful intelligent lady who sleeps with the boss on numerous occasions because he gives her money to send her younger siblings to school as their Dad abandoned them when their mother died young. She hates herself but she wants to fulfil her promise to her dying mother.

She makes the money and sends them to good schools and they get a good education, but she ends up with a chronic ailment like IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) because of the emotional scars that remain as a result of what she had to do to get the money. She could not enjoy the fruits of her labour.

The workaholic man should have set his goals such that there was some balance in his life. This is to ensure that he developed a relationship with his family not just throwing money at anything that moved.

The hyper mother should have programmed some balance into her life so that the children would also program balance into their lives fully embracing joy, peace and smelling the roses. Not turning into robots going through the motions of life and living, in turn raising robots etc.

The girl who desperately wants to tick marriage off her list should find out her worth, what marriage is all about before she sets her goals and ends up marrying a monster.

The young lady sleeping with her boss because of her siblings , should not have done that because the Almighty who created them does not need help ensuring that they fulfil destiny. When they fulfil destiny she should know it was not through the efforts of big sister. There are many ways, they say to skin a cat, in this case, there are many more palatable ways to raise money for education. Even if they did not get any education…….ask Steve Job.

Continuing with the analogy of my spinning class, each bike has its own dashboard and in many instances, you should be preoccupied with your dashboard and even if you are not, it is extremely difficult, if not impossible to see the dashboard of the person next to you. This really just leaves you guessing the speed they are going at and the gears they are riding at. If you are guessing , I can assure you that that is all it is, a guessing game. You really cannot give a correct evaluation just by looking and guessing.

Some people are sweating profusely but may not be doing very much in terms of speed and resistance. That may just be their metabolism and body type. Some look really serious , again that may just be a look and they may not be doing much. Some look like they are not doing much but they may have their eyes on the dashboard and also have such a good technic such that they are going flat out but looking cool doing it.

All this just says you can only focus on your dashboard and not that of another person.

Eyes open focus should help you move ahead with your goals. What are you focusing on? Are they the right things. Trust you are not letting what is going on around you determine your focus.

Keep your eyes open. I once heard a blind person speak on the gift of blindness, which makes them focus without being easily distracted. That may be so but remember that because they are blind, the blind have learnt to compensate by honing their skills and senses such that they have internal replacement eyes that help them focus.

Are your eyes open, especially to the right things? Keep them open. Keep them on the right things and you will be fulfilled.

Oh, I just had an Isaac Newton experience. I had advertised a training course,  remember I am trying to set up business in London, way outside my comfort zone. My daughter and I designed a really nice flyer advertising a group life coaching session. On the appointed day, only three people turned up, as if that was not bad enough, the venue had double booked the room I was supposed to use and  guess who got booted out.

I am not phased, however. I now know a couple of things about the system in London, England. Rooms get double booked in London also. I am laughing now but on the day I was a little upset but had to get over it and keep it moving. No time to mope.

Have a great week.