There was once a lady very many years ago who had been very ill for twelve years or thereabout. Her illness was not only physical, it was also psychological and most especially social.

Her condition was blood-related. She was bleeding non-stop at a time and in a society that did not allow women who were bleeding to mingle with people whether in public or not.

The fact that the ailment was blood-related made her very weak as her blood count was low. She was disorientated, nauseous from time to time. She was dizzy and passed out from time to time, which meant that she could not go out, even if her ailment did not make it taboo for her to mingle.

She had initially been a very wealthy woman but in the past twelve years, she had depleted her wealth in seeing doctors and other healthcare providers (both mainstream and homoeopathic). She was not in the frame of mind to make more wealth even if she could delegate the business to others.

Indeed she had delegated some aspects of her business and she had been duped many times.

Her family members had abandoned her because she had become a nuisance. They loved her but practical living made it impossible to consider her anything but a nuisance. The extended family never really knew her but tolerated her because, in the days when she had money, she was generous. However, now that she did not have money and was not of much use. They abandoned her.

Some family members and some friends initially helped her run errands but all melted away as the illness persisted.

She could not go to any house of worship because her condition meant she could not mingle. She could not keep her ailment a secret because her not being able to mingle led people to find out what her problem was. No religious ministers could come to her home to minister to her because if she could not come to them, they could not come to her. I hope you catch my drift? She was caught in a catch 22 situation.

Even her servants and workers had deserted her not only because of the social stigma and also not only because she could no longer afford their services but also because there was a terrible smell around her. At the time it was difficult to have that kind of ailment and not smell.

Whichever way you sliced it she was a very, unhappy, confused, distraught, financially poor woman, to use a few adjectives. She had tried what she considered to be everything. She had contemplated suicide many times but something always stopped her at the last minute.

She, however, saw Mary, who she had last seen at a doctor’s clinic a couple of years earlier. Mary had been very ill and had been sent home to die as the doctors felt she was at an advanced stage of an incurable illness.

When our lady saw Mary (let’s call our lady –blood issues lady-BIL), she surreptitiously followed her in order to find out what had happened to her to transform her life. How had she been healed? Mary noticed BIL following her and motioned to her to meet her behind a dumpster, as they could not be seen chatting together openly.

Mary then told the story of a man who could heal all manner of ailments in different ways. Mary said He had healed her instantly by merely telling the ailment to leave her body and the ailment obeyed.

Mary told her many different instances that this man she called Jesus had healed different people with different types and stages of illness. Mary said she followed Jesus around now because not only does He heal, He also taught and His teachings brought life changing illumination.

While Mary was talking something was building up in BIL and she became convinced that this was the solution she had been waiting for. She was not sure exactly what was going to happen but she knew this was her chance to be healed and turn her situation completely around.

BIL was ready to meet this man but immediately thought of various challenges that could stop her. The anti-social nature of her ailment for one. Another thought was the finances to get her to the gathering. What about the clothes to wear? Could she just walk up to this man? How would she bypass his protocol team?

BIL knew of many men, who said they were men of God, who did not even really heal people but they were great orators. They had such big security and protocol teams that even people without a social stigma could not get close to them let alone someone like her. There were countless reasons why BIL should not bother, however she had completely run out of options and had to believe this would work

Mary told her when Jesus was going to be at another gathering and invited her to attend. BIL made up her mind to attend, she was convinced by the evidence (even though it was not much of an evidence, the story of one person. Many could argue that it was the medication Mary was taking at the time that did the job).

BIL planned to go, did not discuss it with anybody, because she did not want to be convinced to do what she knew she needed to do. She knew she had to defy all the odds. She set her goal, which was specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound.

On the appointed day she stealthily left home to her appointment with destiny. While she had been ill, she had acquired many skills that she did not really know how they would come in useful to her. For example, she had acquired the skill of stealth, (because she could not go anywhere openly) which was now standing her in good stead to change her life for the best.

The appointed day dawned like any other day but she had completely convinced herself that this was the day. In the time between her meeting with Mary and now she had found out as much as she could in her situation about this man Jesus. Your day of change will dawn like any other day.

BIL realised that her desire to be healed far outweighed her initial worries about the possibility of not being able to get close to Jesus. BIL had spent all her time trying to find out more information about Jesus. She completely focused on Him and even though her investigations came up with some negative things they were mostly positive things. Having weighed everything she came up with her final decision to go for it.

When she came out to attend the event she was a little anxious but tired of her current state. As she got nearer she got more confident especially as she saw a crowd around Jesus. She was convinced she could do her deed of touching his clothes without being seen.

In all her investigations and her finding, she concluded that all she needed to do the deed, was to touch the hem of His robe.

BIL threw all caution to the wind and moved close in all the scrambling, she did not care what would come of her at that point. She was going to touch the hem of His robe that day, even if that was the last thing she was going to do as a free person.

Faith @ will follow shortly.i know you have a lot to do and i don’t want you reading such a long piece. Have a good week.






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