(This is a continuation of Faith 1 from last week)

Finally, the deed was done and even sooner than she expected, she was well. The smell went, the flow stopped, the dizziness seized, all weakness left. Overjoyed she wanted to melt away unobserved, only for the Jesus to stop even in the midst of the crowd asking for who had touched Him.

Finally, the deed was done and even sooner than she expected, she was well. The smell went, the flow stopped, the dizziness seized, all weakness left. Overjoyed she wanted to melt away unobserved, only for the Jesus to stop even in the midst of the crowd asking for who had touched Him.

Twelve years of hiding had made her want to melt away, but Jesus’s insistence and her complete healing gave her a further boldness to come out and confess that she was the culprit.

Jesus looked at her and told her that her faith had made her whole, which is the highest form of healing. It means that she was now like someone who had never been ill. Everything would be restored to her, including her finances (she went on to write a book and make a film about her life).

The most important part of this story for me is that Jesus did not say His almightiness made her whole or His divine nature made her whole. It was her faith.

There two definitions of faith we will look at. One is the dictionary faith which is belief and trust in and loyalty to God. It further goes on to say the firm belief in a thing even in the absence of proof. Complete confidence.

The bible says Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Substance, is the tangible matter of which something is made of. Therefore faith is the tangible matter of which something you have never seen is made of.

So for example, you have faith that when you start a new job, you will be paid at the end of the month even though you have not worked there before. When you get on the plane you believe that you will land safely at your destination even though you don’t know who is flying the plane or the state of maintenance the aircraft is in. When you go and eat out you are confident to have not eaten poison and so what you have eaten will not harm you.

Those who follow Jesus should have faith that He will do all He says He will do in the manual for living that He left for us.

The fact that BIL believed and trusted she would get her healing through Jesus was what made her get her healing. Please don’t quote me on this. Could this be the reason why some people get their healing and some people don’t? It may be in some situations.

The Manual for Living tells us that if our faith was the size of a mustard seed (apparently, this is a really tiny seed), it is enough for us to move a mountain. I have written before about being a mountain mover. I am sure you can remember.

This is the beginning of yet another year. The years seem to come by so quickly. There are circumstances and issues we have lived with for years and years and we believe that is the way it will always be. Have some faith, this is the year to be whole.

Change may not come with a billboard saying “I am change”, and it may not just drop in your lap. You will find it when you go looking for it. Usually, when you are tired of where you are, truly tired.

When you search and do your investigations don’t take too long to zero in on a course of action. Try not to ask too many people’s opinions because they will all give you their own take on it, which may not be the right take. Don’t be swayed by too many doctrines.

Of course, it is clear that Almighty was in on the deal from the very beginning. How come BIL spotted Mary in the doctor’s clinic when she was dying and still recognised her when she had been healed. From before the beginning of time, Almighty knew there would be a purpose for this story to be told just as I am telling it. The purpose is among many other, to help someone reading to have faith or increase in faith. I hope you catch my drift without my saying so much.

BIL set her goal and made sure it was a smart goal. She drew up a project plan and followed it despite many obstacles. I am sure in her biography BIL wrote how so many of the obstacles turned out not to be obstacles after all but stepping stones.

Is this the first goal BIL will set concerning this issue she? Most definitely not! The story I read stated that she had done all kinds of things and visited many different doctors in the quest of finding a cure. She had exercised faith in the past and even when things did not work out as she hoped, she did not lose her faith.

This is an aside, faith is like trust. We have trust in something and then that thing fails us. I once spoke to someone who put it so well. He said, ” hey if Trust fails you build it again”. If we all abandoned where trust has been broken and refuse to build trust up again, what a tedious life it would be. A life without trust? Things don’t always happen the way we plan or want but we cannot throw in the towel every time something does not work.

Again a little irrelevant here but it may help someone. A lady once described getting a divorce because your spouse cheated on you, as going out to give the person who threw a stone that broke your kitchen window the key and ownership to your house then storming off never to return. My own thoughts! Maybe what you should do is fix the broken window with reinforced glass so it is not easily broken in future.

At the time BIL did not know Jesus was Almighty’s son, (even though we know now when we read the story) and we have no record that Jesus knew her. However, when BIL encountered Jesus, He accepted her even though she only came to Him because she needed something. (By the way, this story is in the Manual for living)

This story is a true story and Jesus is still alive today, healing the sick and preparing a place for us with Almighty. He has all the answers to all problems if we will only ask Him. If you surrender your life to Him, will you still have some problems? Probably, but He will be right there to show you out of those problems. In fact, the Manual for Living says there are many problems that man has, but Jesus delivers him from every single one.

If Jesus was ready to do what He did for BIL who He did not Know at the time He will do the same for you if you surrender to Him now. He does not care if you are only coming to Him because you need something. He is not a human being and does not judge why you want to be friends with Him.

Invite Him in to be your friend and believe that He has come in, then see how He will transform your life.

Do you already have a relationship with Him, go for it, your faith will make you whole.

I hope you have enjoyed reading but more importantly that you have let the post minister to you.





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