This blog is about everyday truths that will catapult us (you and i) from where we are now in our comfort zone to where we want to be. why do we need a catapult, why do we need a push/ our comfort zone is so comfortable and cosy that even though not much is happening in there, it is so difficult to get up and go. When we are in it we may not even realise not much is happening there and when we do we don’t know how to get out of it.

Catapult will let you realise what is a dead end comfort zone and show you a way out. As there is no one size fits all, you may not get a huge revelation every time you read a post but i believe God that you will get a word every time you read it that will quickly build up to a catapulting effect.

About me, I Love God,  am a Wife, Mother, HR Consultant, Women issue champion, Inspirational speaker, Health nut, Enabler, Finisher, Mentor, Friend.